The following are some of the most common strategies we use in practice. Included is an explanation of what the expected outcome is, a brief guide on how to do it with full instructions downloadable, and when possible a video has also been provided. 

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Spin Game

Recommended for Kids who:
* Have limited/intermittent eye contact
* Do not sit still, “on the go”
* Clumsy, bumps into things
* Are not certain if they are left-handed or right-handed (over age of 4)
* Have poor posture, low muscle tone
* Have poor eye-hand coordination
* Struggle with reading/focus point
* Avoid/struggle with ball sports
* Are anxious in classroom, home, daycare, PE gym, Wal-Mart, etc…

Infinity Walk

Recommended for Kids who:
* Have difficulty sitting for meals/circle time
* Are said to be a “space invader”
* Are described as “Busy” or “Hyper”
* Struggle with endurance or is a ”slow mover”
* Have decreased motor skills, balance, and/or poor attitude
* Struggle with reading, writing or spelling
* Desire to enhance their sport skills

ZOOM to improve handwriting

Recommended for Kids who are:
* Reluctant “writers”/kids who erase too much
* Figuring out how to best use a pencil from preschool through elementary years
* Struggling to keep their hands to themselves/inappropriate use of hands (fingers in their mouth, nose, pants, etc…)
* Delaying or avoiding using their small motor skills i.e., for writing, art, puzzles, dressing, utensils, etc…