Parent Resources

Bedtime Strategies

In this video Mr. John introduces the analogy of your child's nervous system as a car, and then provides three easy strategies for improving transitions getting the car into the garage and winding it down at night. 

Mr. John's top strategies for settling your child into bed at night:

Sensory Meltdown vs. Tantrum

When we see a child crying, kicking, screaming, and hitting, it can sometimes be difficult to understand what is going on from the child's perspective. This chart can help explain what is going on behind the outward behavior and the differences between a sensory meltdown and a tantrum.


Impacts of Chewing Gum

Gum is a wonderful proprioceptive tool - I like to refer to it as the trampoline for the mouth. I encourage parents and teachers to have their children chew gum while doing homework/written work and to use gum as a tool to help with transitions especially when leaving the house. 

Over the years, we have found chewing gum helps: