The Gift of Spiritual Intervention

The Gift of Spiritual Intervention

While I was at church today I had one of those little God insights and I would like to share this with you.  My mother, Mary Murray, prayed for me every day.  As I reflect on my life, I am living proof that my mother was consistently intervening on my behalf.  It is because of her praying diligently that I am able to write these words today.  What a blessing!  I encourage you to pray for your sons’/daughters’ as well as yourselves.   The families that I serve in therapy benefit from a number of various interventions and the spiritual intervention sometimes can be overlooked.  When people say “what can I do for you?” feel free to ask them to offer up prayers for you and your child.  It’s a wonderful gift.  There is a book, “The Power of a Praying Parent” by Stormie Omaritan which is a good resource.  I have attached a Prayer for Teenagers that my brother, Larry, sent me when our sons’ reached their teenage years.  It goes as follows….

Prayer for Parents of Teenagers

My God, here are my children I give them to you.
Reach out and touch them with the finger of Your love,
So that they will stop where they are, sense your presence,
And turn to you.
Take them and make of them what You want, not what I want.
Keep them from sin, but when they sin draw them back to you.
Keep them from smallness of spirit.
Help them to know themselves and enjoy the person You created them to be.
Help them use their gifts to serve You.
Help them plunge into the mystery of their union with You
And Love you above all things.

As for me,
Help me to love them without possessiveness.
Help me to be firm and protect them when I must.
Help me to be patient while they strive to find themselves.
Help me to respect them for what You made them to be.
Help me to guide them with Your Wisdom.
Help me to love letting them go.

And when the work is done
And they are formed and raised and gone,
Help me to turn back to You, without my children
And continue the journey,
Wiser and more understanding of You and Your way,
Because I have raised children of my own.