We are pediatric occupational therapists that specialize in childhood physical, sensory, behavioral, and intellectual development. We help each child achieve their highest potential.

Tactile sensory input

We help children/parents:

  • handle transitions better, navigate the balance of control
  • deal with over-sensitivity to sounds, “the feel” of clothes, textures/tastes in mouth
  • problem solving meal-time, sitting for meals/exploring food options
  • make bedtime less stressful, help both kids and parents get quality sleep
  • learn strategies to help them sit for circle time, sit for meals, sit in church, airplane, etc
  • learn about their personal space bubble and when it infringes on their peers/parents
  • apply strategies for their child who is too rough with parents (hitting), siblings (tackling/pushing), pets (pulling hair/skin), toys (breaking them)
  • deal with intense often too frequent meltdowns
  • to like themselves, feel less anxious, increase their cooperativeness and connect with peers
  • direct their perpetual motion and deal with “the intense personalities”
  • find their body core, improve their coordination, keep up with peers when moving about
  • devise a course for toilet training success, lessen time for night time pull-ups
  • improve control of their fine motor/writing skills
  • like being with each other and lessen tension