Bedtime Strategies

In this video Mr. John introduces the analogy of your child's nervous system as a car, and then provides three easy strategies for improving transitions getting the car into the garage and winding it down at night. 

Mr. John's top strategies for settling your child into bed at night:

  • Set a bedtime routine i.e., bath, books, prayers, bed-time story, etc. and stick to it at the same time every night
  • Turn off screens at least one hour before bed. It is never a good idea to have a TV in your child’s bedroom. Going to bed with an iPad/tablet is never a good idea.
  • Read to your child, even if they're reading on their own. Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud To Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever, by Mem Fox (on sale from Amazon under $10)
  • If your child needs some helpers to stay in bed, you can trial any of these items: night/window shades, weighted blanket, compression sheet, memory foam, bed-tent, listening to a guided imagery (highly recommend Self-Image for Children (ages 4-8yr) found on Effective Learning Systems Website), white noise, etc. Be creative, you know your child best. We're looking for things which will settle the child's nervous system and body, so nothing that will keep their system active at bedtime - think soothing and calming helpers.
  • If you have tried the above items and your child is still struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep talk to your pediatrician about trialing Melatonin (our Murray Therapy families usually see results quite quickly). The goal it to establish the habit of GOOD SLEEP!
  • Remember, when the child sleeps well, their behavior is more regulated and they are easier to parent and teach!