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Using Rhythm Sticks to promote neuro-development in infants

The Sensory Sticks are used to promote your baby’s neuro-development (motor skills, self-soothing behavior, sleep, eating, well-being, etc…)

Child boxing for positive sensory input

The Little Heavy Bag, a lightweight boxing bag for children, is a great tool for our kids needing sensory input, and those needing to "hit" something appropriate versus a sibling or a parent.

Lego minifig having a tantrum

These are strategies we recommend for preventing meltdowns from occuring. Please refer to the links below for more information about Meltdowns.

Strategies for how to handle a meltdown

Here are tips for how to respond to a meltdown in the midst of it.

The W-sit posture is never a good idea

When is allowing W-sitting ever a good idea? Pretty much never. Why?

target goals

Recommended for parents who desire their kids to:

The Murray Family

Our top 100 best ideas for good parenting, from decades of experience.

Outdoor swing

My philosophy/charge is to use as many resources to make the greatest amount of change in the nervous system of every child. The swing/swings in the home is an ideal place to change the child’s nervous system.

the apology card

Many children have difficulty knowing how to apologize. At Murray Therapy, we have created a simple apology card which helps teach how to say you're sorry, and mean it.

VIDEO: In this video Mr. John introduces the analogy of your child's nervous system as a car, and then provides three easy strategies for improving transitions getting the car into the garage and winding it down at night.

child yelling

When we see a child crying, kicking, screaming, and hitting, it can sometimes be difficult to understand what is going on from the child's perspective.

Sping Canyon Community Park

Have a look below for free and inexpensive activities to spend quality time with your kids this summer in Northern Colorado. Includes Sensory-Friendly events too!

Self-Image for Children by Bob Griswold

Recommended for Kids who need:
* A self-confidence boost
* Encouragement to try new things
* Help directing them towards “awesomeness”
* Need protection from the morass of life

social skills for young boys

As a parent of a child who had significant social skill issues, it never occurred to me that it might not be a social issue at all.

child victory over sensory struggles

From a Murray Therapy family parent, "The sensory bag has been a wonderful way to help my kiddos understand these concepts, which has been so helpful. Thank you so much..."

divorced families

Matt is one of our involved parents always looking to find better solutions for his child.

VIDEO: Here is a short video extolling the benefits of movement for children that have issues with attention and learning. This can aid any parents when advocating for your child in public or home school.

alternatives to spanking

In the past and present, physical discipline has been used to teach a child to stop a bad behavior. However, many researchers have found just the opposite effect.

VIDEO: The importance of keeping a structured routine for your whole family - especially your child with sensory processing difficulties

Compression sheet

For all of those kids who love to be squished, hugged tight and are problematic sleepers, they may benefit from a compression sheet.


“How’s school going at your house? We are in our 3rd week and I’ve had lots of friends mention struggles. I’m by noooo means a pro, but I did want to share what’s been SUPER helpful for us.


From a Murray Therapy family parent, another victory around wall time during recess from sensory needs not being met in the classroom.

Sensory Bag with gloves, scrubs and spiky balls

The following video is a quick example of touch sensitivity and discrimination and how the sensory bag assists with desensitization, discrimination and body awar

Recommended for Kids who:
* Have limited/intermittent eye contact
* Do not sit still, “on the go”
* Clumsy, bumps into things
* Are not certain if they are left-handed or right-handed (over age of 4)
* Have poor posture, low muscle tone
* Have poor eye-hand coordination
* Struggle with reading/focus point
* Avoid/struggle with ball sports
* Are anxious in classroom, home, daycare, PE gym, Wal-Mart, etc…

Video: The Infinity Walk is recommended for dids who have difficulty sitting still, are “space invaders,” "busy” or “hyper”, ”slow movers”, or have decreased motor skills, balance, and/or poor attitude, struggle with reading, writing or spelling, or desire to enhance their sport skills

VIDEO: The Zoom Game is recommended for reluctant writers, figuring out how to best use a pencil, kids struggling to keep their hands to themselves, delaying or avoiding using their small motor skills i.e., for writing, art, puzzles, dressing, utensils, etc…
The Stress of Starting 3rd Grade

The advantages of having parents actively involved in their child's occupational therapy session is priceless.

sensory classroom

Excerpt from the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation Winter 2011 Newsletter

by Christina Sparker, MOT, MOTR/L and Tiffany Sparks-Keeney, MOT, OTR/L

The Gift of Spiritual Intervention

While I was at church today I had one of those little God insights and I would like to share this with you.  My mother, Mary Murray, prayed for me every day.  As I reflect on my life, I am living p

Mouth Organizers to Improve Handwriting

Gum is a wonderful proprioceptive tool - I like to refer to it as the trampoline for the mouth.

Should I Stay or Go?

I would like to weigh in on a few feelings about a question I am often asked.  “Should I send them onto kindergarten?”  My first and foremost thought is… when in doubt keep them out.

Handwriting and Its Ill Effects on Classroom Behavior

I find it ironic that the tool that is used to measure school success (for tests, quizzes, reports/compositions, math computation, etc…) gets little attention in the early years of school and less

10 Reasons for Restricting Devices for Children Under the Age of 12

Research has proven that handheld devices such as smart phones and tablets can have severe negative impacts on the well-being of children.

Restricting TV & iPad Time: One Family's Success Story

Following on our recommendation of further reducing screen time, Danielle's family has seen tremendous gains in family relationships, the daily routine, and their therapy homework.