School at Home – Pandemic Problems


“How’s school going at your house? We are in our 3rd week and I’ve had lots of friends mention struggles. I’m by noooo means a pro, but I did want to share what’s been SUPER helpful for us. It’s a different schedule than what I’d kept hearing, but it’s been a game changer. 

School at school and school at home have SUCH a different feel for some kids. Everything has shifted, they don’t know what to expect, even if you’ve made a schedule ⏰ for the day it actually makes some aspects harder for them. 

They’re at home ?, but home has a different feel with school ?‍? as part of the day now. Amid so much change they feel freaked out inside and powerless, which scares them and they dig their heels in/balk/crumple. Because, of course, they don’t know how to tell you how much it frazzles them to feel powerless, but their actions tell you. And awesome Occupational therapists like our friend, Mr. Murray, who totally gets this type of thinking, helps you with some tricks ?. He knows that these smart kids aren’t lazy or defiant, we just have to empower them and help them best fill their buckets. 

So, I wanted to share what our school schedule looks like. Every move is a simple “do you want A or B?” “Ok do you want to go first or me?” “Do you want the red or the green?” It’s AMAZING how much these quick little choices get them built up ready to tackle tasks. 

Also, instead of taking 20-30 min breaks for snack, outside, whatever, we take really quick ones that fill his sensory bucket, are deep pressure, but are also only about 1-2 minutes (he loves to do hard things like burpees and explosion pushups) ?️‍♂️ then we tackle the next item. Kids like this one of mine like to knock it all ✅ out then move on with the day to play games or whatever. If we keep going back and forth it feels like it’s taking their whole day and they fight it ?. (At school it’s totally different and works, but when doing school at home this is definitely the way to go).

I hope this is helpful ? for others who might be having struggles like we were. There are still tough spots but I feel MUCH better equipped on how to handle them. Thankful for the option for a telehealth pow-wow with our buddy Mr. Murray. ???

And grace. A whole lotta grace for all. ?”