The Sensory Smart Classroom

sensory classroom

Excerpt from the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation Winter 2011 Newsletter

by Christina Sparker, MOT, MOTR/L and Tiffany Sparks-Keeney, MOT, OTR/L

Today's savvy teachers are aware of the importance of meeting students' sensory needs in the classroom and even know various strategies to address these needs. At the same time, these teachers can often have difficulty incorporating these strategies into their every day classroom routine. In actuality, it can be very easy to integrate sensory strategies in the daily schedule. Examining a day in the class of one fictitious 1st grade teacher, who is dedicated to running a sensory smart classroom for her 25 students, reveals relatively easy ways most teachers can begin to address their students' sensory needs in the context of the classroom.

Read the full article in the PDF below to see how Ms. Sorenson creates a classroom environment that encourages a variety of types of sensory input to meet each individual child's needs.