What is Occupational Therapy?

Think about every activity you do every day, all the interactions you have with others, and all the steps in between. That is what occupational therapists do. We consider each individual’s physical and mental abilities, behaviors, and performance of activities that happen each day and how we can work together to improve upon any area that may be difficult. When that individual has a diagnosis or a difficulty with a task or behavior, we come up with new ways to approach it and improve their quality of life.

As occupational therapists in the pediatric world, it is our duty to guide children and their families to better understand their sensory environment and how to develop strategies to make those interactions more enjoyable. We help make play, getting dressed, writing, social skills, and processing emotions better for the child.

The importance of occupational therapy is not only with the child but with their family unit. We focus on the child’s roles as a student, sibling, friend, and child. Their routines at home, school, and during playtime. Most importantly their behaviors and interactions with their family and environments. In addition, we look at the caregiver’s roles, routines, and interactions with their child or children.

We are holistic, focusing on the mind, body, and spirit and consider the sensory needs of every child to better their interactions in life.