Guided Imagery for Children

Self-Image for Children by Bob Griswold

Recommended for Kids who need:

  • A self-confidence boost
  • Encouragement to try new things
  • Help directing them towards “awesomeness”
  • Need protection from the morass of life


One of the blessings of being an occupational therapist for a gazillion years (38+ years learning with kids), is that occasionally, you “hit a homerun”! The Self-Image for Children guided imagery CD/download is that “Homerun!” I believe that I came across this in the late 80’s. It is a bedtime enhancer and has helped many a busy mind/body stay in bed/get to sleep. You can purchase it from  and download it to your phone. Ask your son/daughter what their favorite animal is and then, go to Amazon and purchase an Animal Blue Tooth Speaker. The rewards will be great in middle school. The Program is recommended for children ages 4-8 years. You can bump the edges of this range within a child’s developmental status.

The way Mr. Bob (narrator on CD) works his magic is like this. It is recommended that parents do their regular bedtime routine…bath, book, prayers, kiss/hug then turn on Mr. Bob. His story is about the glass being half full. He engages your child’s imagination, and his melodic voice helps create a gentle quietness. The subconscious never fully shuts down, even when they are asleep, they perceive the message. Kids need love and predictability. Play it every night as you leave their room.

Many of my past clients have shared with me how helpful this was for their child’s self-confidence. My favorite experiment was with our own 3 sons. I played the Self-Image for Children CD (they were born in ’95, ’97 and ’20) every night, more than once if I had to get up with one of them or the dogs. Well, when the 3 of them hit middle school, they were all singing and dancing in front of a crowd of 400-500 peers/adults in their class play. I personally felt that they could not carry a tune (genetic factor) yet, I never shared, and they continued to act/sing.

The Self-Image for Children is a “Homerun” for all kids. It is especially helpful for the children we see in therapy since they have a unique set of challenges. How awesome is it to use bedtime to enhance their potential!!!        

Add On: for the parent who hears negative self-talk and “I can’t” too many times from their child, outfit yourself with the Julia Cook book, “Bubble Gum Brain”. Read it at bedtime for the next 2 weeks, observe how your child’s self-language changes. Julia Cook is gifted!