Infinity Walk

Recommended for Kids who:

  • Have difficulty sitting for meals/circle time
  • Are said to be a “space invader”
  • Are described as “Busy” or “Hyper”
  • Struggle with endurance or is a ”slow mover”
  • Have decreased motor skills, balance, and/or poor attitude
  • Struggle with reading, writing or spelling
  • Desire to enhance their sport skills


How to set up?

You will need 2 chairs/objects placed roughly 3-4 feet apart and the space to move around them or you can purchase a Neuromat below.

The child follows/walks a “figure 8” pattern. The child may need your help to master this pattern. I suggest using a firm hula hoop which the child holds onto and where you hold the back side of the hula hoop and start walking

You will find them attempting to make their own pattern…steer them around the pattern until they can keep the “figure 8” pattern. Remember: practice perfect

Once they can keep the pattern you can challenge their visual and cognitive skills:

Visual: use of a wall chart (view video), we have used this for multiplication facts as well as training horizontal visual scanning an absolute movement for reading

Cognitive: while doing the “infinity walk” the parent/care provider can do spelling practice, sight words, math facts, anything that needs to be memorized (our CSU student volunteers use the infinity walk to aid with their Anatomy/Physiological Class)

I recommend doing this with homework especially for children who like or need to move

This simple movement pattern helps organize the left/right side of the body thus right/left sides of brain. It promotes rotation of the body and separating the eyes from the head (an essential skill for learning and promoting psychological health).



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To purchase your own neuromat for the infinity walk,

Use this link: