Life Goals Exercise

target goals

Recommended for parents who desire their kids to:

  • Grow to be independent adults
  • Meet their full potential
  • To help them navigate their lives
  • Figure out why they were put on this Earth

I think that when your son or daughter is 8-9 years old, they can begin to engage in this life-long process of goal creation. It played out in the Murray Household as a father/son Christmas time “happening” beginning in 2009 (sons’ were 13, 11 and 9 years old). I owe the credit to Brian Tracy’s program on the Psychology of Achievement. This simple, fun task has had life benefits for our 3 sons and Murray Therapy kiddos. The formula goes like this… find a spot that your child likes to go, preferably with food. Our spot was/is Gib’s Bagels in Fort Collins.

Each son was given a pencil/pen and the prompting question sheet (linked below) to answer while they nibbled on their bagels. We each proceeded to the second page and wrote goals in the areas of physical, personal/social, spiritual, school/work, etc… We then shared our answers to the lead in questions. Once that was completed, we each stated our goals for the New Year. The Definiteness of Purpose were the 5 most important goals each decided moving into the new year.

Each son signed their goal sheet (I made a copy for the Murray New Year Goals File). They were asked to place their goal sheet on their dresser, sock drawer, under their pillow, anywhere they chose where they would occasionally view throughout the year. Written goals are like “heat seeking missiles”. Never did I attempt to persuade or influence their goals. Part of my parenting philosophy (thanks Mac Bledsoe) is that when a child is 9 years old, they should be making 50% of the decisions in your life, when 12 years old 66%, 16 years old 88% and when 18 years old 100% of the decisions in their lives.

I wrote a goal for them when they were younger on paper and in my heart. I simply wanted them to grow to be leaders. They and their parents were fortunate to be blessed with many great teachers, coaches, and spiritual leaders. One chose to go to a military leadership academy, 2 were captains on their varsity wrestling team, another son captain of cross-country team, one was senior class president, one was the captain of the Army ROTC Ranger Team, 2 were peer counselors in high school the other a peer counselor in college. All 3 embraced the motto, “Go the Extra Mile!”

In honesty, they never shared the same enthusiasm as I did for this father/son event. They quietly agreed to “complete the task”. The results are amazing!

Download your Goals Sheet and Questions copy today using the link below.